Suyue flood light

Suyue flood light

The Suyue flood light Series is a high-reliability product with high power, small angle, fast heat dissipation and light weight. The product has a number of patented structures. Providing three powers of 150W, 250W and 300W, it fills the blank of high power and small angle light distribution in the market, and provides high quality lighting solutions for some special applications.

Features and applications:
1. The lamps are mainly made of copper and aluminum, with multi-layer surface protection, anti-corrosion, sun protection and anti-leaching;
2. The square fin shape design is used, and the superconducting material is perfectly combined with the fin to achieve rapid heat transfer and heat dissipation, lighter quality and better heat dissipation;
3. Adopting modular lens with narrow light distribution, it can cast light at a long distance;
4. Simple shape, few accessories, simple assembly, adjustable installation angle, can meet different projection angle requirements.
5. It is mainly used in fishing boats. It is a new generation of LED fishing lights that replace traditional fishing lights. It is environmentally safe, economical, easy to install and less maintenance.

Top ten product features:
1) Super fuel-efficient, low power consumption, can save 80% fuel consumption;
2) Special band, super high brightness, the depth below the sea surface can reach more than 25 meters, the effect of collecting fish is very good, and it will be on and off within 1 second, which will lengthen the time of collecting fish;
3) Ultra-safe, no UV damage, no eye injury, improve the health of workers;
4) The working temperature of the lamp is low, the overall temperature does not exceed 70 degrees, and the working environment is improved;
5) directional light source, single-sided illumination, all the light is irradiated on the sea surface, no light is wasted;
6)Using ultra-light aluminum alloy structure, impact resistance, no risk of cracking, multi-layer surface protection, resistance to strong ultraviolet rays and seawater corrosion;
7) Free stabilizer, can directly use 100V-270V various generator sets;
8) LED die life is up to 50,000 hours, and the whole lamp is guaranteed for two years;
9) Reduce the use of generators on board, without having to match excessive generators, reducing ship weight and cost;
10) Easy installation, can be directly installed on the fixture fixed iron, ready to use.

Technical Data Sheet:
TG-SY TG-SY-W150 TG-SY-W250 TG-SY-W300
Optical Colour temperature 3000K,4000K,5000K
  CRI ≥70
Luminous flux 15000LM 25000LM 28500LM
System efficacy 100LM/W 100LM/W 95LM/W
10%Beam angle 30° 30° 30°
Electrical Input 100-240VAC,50/60Hz  
  Power 150W 250W 300W
Surge protection 10KV
PF ≥0.95
Dimming /
Mechanical IP IP66
  IK /
Dimension 249*160*276mm      403*160*286mm
Weight         4.5KG     7.1KG      7.4KG
Cut dimension Mounting aperture:¢10.5mm
Material Housing Aluminum, copper alloy
  Diffuser Integrated optical PC lens
Temperature Operating temperature -30℃ ——+45℃
  Storage temperature -30℃ ——+60℃
Life 30000hrs@L70,25°C
Standard compliance CQC、CE

Dimensional drawing (unit: mm):

TG-SY-W150                                                                      TG-SY-W250/ TG-SY-W300