Dawn high bay

Dawn high bay

The Dawn high bay is a product series that combines superconducting materials and vertical heat dissipation. The series has the characteristics of simple appearance, high luminous efficiency, light weight, low glare, low dust accumulation and high stability. The power of the series products is from 60W. -200W, light efficiency of more than 100Lm / W, to provide high-quality lighting solutions for high-quality factory high-bay lighting.

Features and features:
1. The series has a simple appearance and is not easy to accumulate dust;
2. Using superconducting materials combined with vertical heat dissipation technology to achieve fast conduction and heat dissipation;
3. The series is 10%~40% lighter than the profile and die-casting products, and the higher the power, the lighter the quality;
4. Using the US Puri flip chip, the light source light efficiency is improved by 20%, and the reliability is higher;
5. Using high-quality first-line brand power supply, its high stability can pass the 5KV common mode/10KV differential mode surge test;
6. Multiple surface treatment processes to meet the application environment of 95% of factory lighting;
7. Fabric glass anti-glare lens, uniform glare value (UGR) <25; (optional)
8. Dustproof and waterproof grade: IP65;
9. Adapt to the maximum 50 degree high temperature environment;
10.Design life: >25000hrs@L70, 25°C;

Technical Data Sheet:
GK-CX GK-CX-W60 GK-CX-W100 GK-CX-W120 GK-CX-W150 GK-CX-W200
Light color parameter Color temperature 5000K
Color rendering index ≥70
Luminous flux 6000 Lm 10500 Lm 12000 Lm 16500 Lm 21000 Lm
Overall lighting effect 100 Lm/w 105 Lm/w 100 Lm/w 110 Lm/w 105 Lm/w
Beam angle (half-peak) 75° 70° 85°
Electrical parameters Input  AC 200-240V,50/60Hz
Whole lamp power 60W 100W 120W 150W 200W
Surge L line to N line 5000V, L line to ground line 10000V, N line to ground line 10000V
PF >0.95
Mechanical parameter IP IP65
Class I
Lamp body size Φ380*380mm Φ380*460mm Φ380*450mm Φ395*477mm Φ395*477mm
Weight 2.4kg 2.8kg 4kg 4.5kg 4.5kg
Installation method Hoisting
Material Lamp body Copper tube superconducting material + aluminum radiator
Optics Glass lens + Aluminum reflector
Temperature Operating temperature -20 ... +50°C
Storage temperature -20 ... +65°C
Design average life >25000hrs@L70,25°C
Certification and compatibility Comply with CQC, CE
Note:This product uses heat pipe technology, the normal working state is that the light exit of the lamp is facing down, please do not install it horizontally or upside down.


60W                                                                                   100W

120W                                                                                150-200W
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