Beret street light

Beret street light

The Beret street lamp series is a cost-effective product. The street lamp adopts die-cast lamp housing. The appearance is small and sleek, the light distribution is reasonable, and the applicability is wide. It provides three powers of 25W, 40W and 60W, and three color temperatures (3000K/4000K). /5000K) is suitable for outdoor lighting schemes such as various rural roads, urban roadways, residential areas and park roads.

Features, features and applications:
1. Adopt ADC12 die-casting aluminum alloy material, sandblasting, oxidation and outdoor environmental protection spraying;
2. High-efficiency, high-life international brand 3030 lamp beads (LM-80), the luminous efficacy of lamps is greater than 110LM/W;
3. High reliability, high efficiency brand power supply;
4. Strong compatibility with light distribution, meeting CJJ45-2015 urban road lighting design standards and Guangdong Province LED street lamp product evaluation benchmark system management specifications related indicators;
5. Waterproof rating: IP66
6. Optimized heat sink fin design, patented module structure (vertical heat convection structure module);
7. Applicable places: rural roads, urban roadways, residential and park roads, landscape lighting, tourist attractions, sidewalks and other outdoor lighting;
8.Service life: >10000H

Technical Data Sheet:
LD-BLM-WX  25W 40W 60W
Optical Colour temperature 3000K/4000K/5000K
CRI  ≥70
Luminous flux 2750lm 4400 lm 6600 lm
System efficacy ≥110lm/w (The power efficiency less than 30W is slightly lower than the conventional light effect by about 3%;)
Light Angle 110°x 45°
Electrical Input AC 220V
Power 25W 40W 60W
Surge protection 6KV
PF ≥0.95
IK 08
Mounting aperture(mm) Φ50-60mm
Material Shell material ADC12,6063Aluminum alloy
Shade material Transparent optical PC material
Temperature Operating temperature -35℃~45℃
Storage temperature -40℃~60℃
Humidity ≤95% RH
Life >10000h
Comply with safety standards CQC
Note: The luminous efficiency of 3000K color temperature is slightly lower than the above table by about 3%.


Dimension L W H Weight
LD-BLM-W25 370 200 110 1.6 Kg
LD-BLM-W40 370 200 110 1.7 Kg
LD-BLM-W60 370 200 110 1.9 Kg