Airship high bay

Airship high bay

The Airship high bay series is a high-reliability product that adopts blade-type heat dissipation design, strong convection, good heat dissipation effect, multiple light-emitting angles, and simple appearance. The product has the characteristics of simple installation, high luminous efficiency, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof. Offering five powers of 30W, 50W, 60W, 90W and 120W, it provides high-quality lighting solutions for fast high-quality factory lighting and special lighting.

Features and applications:
1. The lamps are mainly made of high quality die-cast aluminum material, surface strengthening protection treatment, anti-corrosion and explosion-proof performance, and can be applied to harsh indoor and outdoor environments;
2. The radiator adopts the blade shape design, efficient convection heat dissipation, small size and light weight;
3. It adopts imported chip light source and brand power supply, and is equipped with high borosilicate optical glass lens, which has high light extraction efficiency and reliable performance, which effectively guarantees the service life of the lamp;
4. Simple shape, few accessories, simple assembly, environmental protection, safety, economy, easy installation and less maintenance;
Mainly used in high-bay workshops, warehouses, workshops, smelters, gas stations and other places that need lighting.

Technical Data Sheet:
Optical Colour temperature 3000K,4000K,5000K
  CRI ≥70
Luminous flux 2850LM 4750LM 5700LM 8550LM 11400LM
System efficacy 95LM/W 95LM/W 95LM/W 95LM/W 95LM/W
50%Beam angle 105° 105° 75° 75° 75°
Electrical Input 100-240VAC,50/60Hz  
  Power 30W 50W 60W 90W 120W
Surge protection 6KV
PF ≥0.95
Modulation /
Mechanical IP IP65
  Anti-corrosion, explosion-proof grade F1(Anti-corrosion grade)、Ex demb IIC T3 Gb(Explosion-proof grade)
Dimension ¢235*175mm      ¢235*175mm    ¢298*261mm   ¢298*261mm ¢298*261mm
Weight 2.9KG 3.2KG  6.5KG 7KG 7KG
Mounting type Side loading, lifting
Material Housing Aluminum alloy
  Diffuser High borosilicate optical lens
Temperature Temperature Ambient -30℃ ——+50℃
  Storage temperature -30℃ ——+60℃
Life 30000hrs@L70,25°C
Standard compliance CCC、CE

Dimensional drawing (unit: mm):

LCL-GK-FC-W30/W50                                                              LCL-GK-FC-W60/W90/W120