Use experience is what we are continuing to persuit

Use experience is what we are continuing to persuit

Nov 16, 2020

Zouping Shandong Province, LED street light retrofit project

Project time: 2016
EMC period: 10 years
The project called for street light intelligent management design and retrofit, covering 28 streets, about 3,673 lamps and 63 electricity box. The intelligent control system of local city had also been upgraded with new name of ‘SOWE” (Scientific, Overall, Wisdom, Energy saving) management system, featuring with direct, intelligent and easy operations.

We found the previous 2G system did have some failure of receiving signal during a recent maintenance followup. In order to improve users’ experience, by dispatching 5 engineering guys to the site, we carried out a thorough upgrading by 4G replacement for all electricity box.

For about 10 day and nights hard working, our team did the retrofit jobs successfully. The replaced projects were with new efficient network and worked very well. Customers were quite happy with the performance.

It is what Real Faith always keeps in mind that to chase up users’ experience and happiness, especially in the long-term EMC contracted projects.