Smart Lighting Pole, New Products by Real Faith

Smart Lighting Pole, New Products by Real Faith

Aug 07, 2020

Real Faith Lighting had recently introduced 22 new smart lighting poles, there are 3 integration poles and 8 landscape poles, with the 11 road poles.



We will show products details, here comes the first introduction.


The road pole series are the key new products.


One, Wisdom Pole

The shape is modern fashion, the lamp pole presents the leap state, the sharp broken line shape and the base echo, the design implants the local culture element, and the city environment harmoniously melts.


Two, Fly Pole

Round pole design, simple and smooth shape, suitable for a variety of road scenes, the bottom of the light box after smart, very characteristic.


Three, Inspire Pole

Stable atmosphere of square bar design, with hard lines to show technology and future visual feelings.


Four, Faith Pole

Double rod structure design, stable and generous shape, pole top and light box can be arranged pattern decoration, complement each other.


Five, Brightness Pole

Round bar design, shape square collocation, black coating, showing its heavy and dignified; traditional window pattern and modern simple bar body complement each other.


Six, Revere Pole

The design of ancient architecture column carving, full of classical charm, strong cultural atmosphere and intelligent technology combined, suitable for the ancient city scenic sports, streets and other construction needs.


Seven, Lucky Pole

With flower as the shape and technology as the bone, the perfect combination of ancient culture and modern light source. The elegant and noble Phnom Penh Ruixiang is in full bloom, bringing infinite beauty and auspiciousness.


Eight, Jade Pole 

Beautiful and hard design style full of science and technology, shape such as a high-clean and elegant orchid. Inlaid the intelligent halo, indicating unlimited development space.


Nine, Spread Pole

Simple and beautiful round road design, follow the natural, return to nature shape, light and elegant.


Ten, Excellent Pole

Suitable for the construction of secondary trunk roads, parks and other scenes.


Eleven, Perseverance Pole

Simple square bar and balance-shaped cantilever into one, with simple window flowers, noble and elegant highlight the calm atmosphere.


The road pole is made of aluminium and iron materials, and the height of the lamp pole is 6m to 14m, which is suitable for various urban roads, such as the main and secondary main roads, bus stations, highways and so on.

Allocation standard, standard, matching
Intelligent street lamp
5G Micro BS
Landscape light box
Video surveillance
Live media
One touch call
Broadcast system
Environment monitoring
Meteorological monitoring
USB plug
Multimedia interactive screen
Trash bin monitoring
Manhole cover monitoring
Automobile charging pillar
Spray dedusting device

The smart lighting pole from Real Faith is a powerful new product, please contact with our team for further more information!