The smart light pole created by Real Faith Lighting,the road pole is amazing

The smart light pole created by Real Faith Lighting,the road pole is amazing

Aug 07, 2020

After unremitting efforts and continuous optimization, Real Faith Lighting has recently created a new round of three series of smart light poles. Among them, there are 11 types of road pole series suitable for main and secondary roads, 3 types of comprehensive pole series, and 8 types of courtyard landscape pole series.



The three major series not only pursue the ultimate in "quality", but also strive for perfection in "design". The highlights must be "fresh"! We will launch it in two phases, the first phase: road poles, and the second phase: integrated poles and landscape poles.


Today is the first phase, which is the home field of the road poles. Let us take a look at their excellent appearance and excellent quality!


1. Zhiyue

The shape is modern and fashionable, and the light pole is in a leap-forward state. The neat broken-line shape echoes the base. The design is embedded with local cultural elements and blends harmoniously with the urban environment.


2. Zhixiang

The circular pole design is simple and smooth, suitable for a variety of road scenes. The dragon at the bottom of the light box is light and flexible, which is very distinctive.


3. Zhiqi

The calm and atmospheric square pole design, with tough lines, shows the technology and future visual experience.


4. Zhixin

It adopts double pole structure design, the shape is stable and generous, and the pole top and light box can be decorated with patterns to complement each other.


5. Zhiming

The round rod body design is matched with a round shape; it is painted in black to show its thickness and dignity; the traditional window grill pattern complements the modern and simple rod body.


6. Wisdom

The column-shaped carved design of ancient buildings is full of classical charm, and the strong cultural atmosphere is combined with intelligent technology, which is suitable for the construction needs of ancient city scenic spots and streets.


7. Zhirui

With flower as the shape and technology as the bone, the perfect combination of ancient culture and modern light source. The elegant and noble Phnom Penh Ruixiang is in full bloom, bringing infinite beauty and auspiciousness.


8. Zhiying

The beautiful and tough design style is full of sense of technology, and the appearance is like a noble and elegant orchid, with a round of intelligent halo inlaid in the radiance, indicating unlimited development space.


9. Zhiyang

The simple and beautiful round rod design follows the natural, back-to-nature style, light and elegant.


10. Zhiyou

The unique spring seedling design is full of infinite vitality, which emphasizes the beauty of rhythm and curve. It is suitable for the construction of secondary roads, parks and other scenes.


11. Zhiheng

The simple square rod body is integrated with the balance-shaped cantilever, with the simple window grilles, the elegance and elegance highlight the calm atmosphere.


This series is suitable for all kinds of urban roads, such as: urban main and secondary roads, bus stations, expressways, etc. The light pole is made of aluminum and iron materials. The height of the light pole is 6M to 14M. The modular structure design can use the chute module method to realize the fast assembly and disassembly of the functional modules, which is convenient for maintenance and upgrade.


Real Faith Lighting smart light pole with "18 martial arts" in one, with multiple styles, high appearance and strong functions, realizes the integration of multiple poles, empowers 5G, creates a smart light network, and builds a smart city.