The innovation of LED street light module

The innovation of LED street light module

Nov 26, 2020

There are in total of 4 generations of module design ever since Real Faiths research of LED street light. The upgrading lies in technology, innovation and process, especially from non-standards to standardizing.

In 2011, Real Faith created cases of light-weight and hi-efficiency module build-up of high power LED street light, winning the second rank of Foshan municipal science and technology awards and patents.

This is our first LED street light module, adopted magnesium alloy, 30W, light-weight, easy build-up, quick heat dissipation and easy for assembly. This is a remark of from 0 to 1 beginning.
A LED street light module is an integrated component with couples of LEDs, which can do optic and heat release and IP rated. Compare to old design that all LEDs are inside one lamp body, the module design is more easy for assembly and installation, maintenance. Besides, it is workable for repeat use this is someway an extension of the street light lifetime.

Real Faith R&D the second, third and forth generation modules all these years, from material changed to aluminium, 30W module 2kg weight reduced to 50W
s 1kg, featuring small size, light weight, high power and high efficiency.


From top to bottom displays the updating path
During our project maintenance and daily projects running, it becomes more and more important to adopt the standardized LED street light modules, for the benefit of product options and costing.

Real Faith thus designed the standardized module, with the recognition of the LED lighting standards committee in 2014. And we are one of the first batches of companies who adopt standard modules.


The national standards code of GB/T 35269 LED lighting application and terminals of LED module streetlight had been officially released in 2017 and Real Faith LED modules passed all the regulations.

As the leading parties in LED module standardizing, Real Faith always does the good standardizing practice. Customers benefits from the standardizing also.