Real Faith Smart Street lights, more than lighting

Real Faith Smart Street lights, more than lighting

Jan 07, 2021

The street lights from Real Faith feature of module build-up, fast and easy connector, reliable quality and optional functions, adoptable for expanding and updating, remote dimming, anti-thief warning and failure reporting, smart control etc, working as an important role in the idea of “Smart City”.

Today we will introduce one important function that is “One touch call”.

The smart pole can work as a security soldier in the city, via the management platform to perform control on camera, such as twist speed, direction and zoom. To preset couples of locations to be as the appointed sites to make the “One touch call” work well.  

In the cases of emergency of ourselves or of other peoples in the public area, in the cases of we need help, you can just find a smart pole, touch the button on the pole, just touch.

Whenever the one touch call button on the smart pole had been touched, it will right away trigger the management platform to send the live videos to the supervisor centers and the call-for-help information will also be sent at the same time, this is a function to safeguard us.