Real Faith Lighting smart light pole debuts in the People's Park of Chancheng!

Real Faith Lighting smart light pole debuts in the People's Park of Chancheng!

Apr 28, 2020

The People's Park, which is located at an important node on the central axis of Foshan Chancheng, has been renovated and upgraded, giving citizens a gift of high-quality urban environment.


In People's Park, you can see rows of brand-new Real Faith smart light poles standing on both sides of Houyuan Road, which are set against each other with the lawn and flowers, which are quite beautiful and delicate.



The light pole adopts the integrated molding process of aluminum profile, which is fashionable and exquisite. The upper and lower parts of the pole body are made of wine red Lingnan characteristic paper-cut elements. Looking at the past, the smart light poles have become a beautiful landscape in the park, making the high-value, small and fresh People's Park look taller and attracting many neighborhoods to visit and take pictures.



According to the geographical characteristics, landscape distribution, and humanistic characteristics of People's Park, Zhaoxin Lighting worked overtime on the eve of the Spring Festival holiday to complete the production of these smart light poles for park project renovation.



After the smart light pole was put into use, the response was enthusiastic. On the morning of April 21, Chancheng Urban Management carried out a live broadcast of smart light poles for more than 40 minutes in Renmin Park, which attracted nearly 20,000 netizens to watch. The live chat room was even more intense.



The live broadcaster explained the "good kung fu" of the smart light pole. It is both a 5G base station and a "security eye". It can automatically adjust the brightness of the lighting according to the weather and environment, and can automatically monitor the trampling of flowers and plants, illegal parking and other behaviors. One-key alarm, get a quick response...




Guangfo Toutiao, Foshan News, Foshan Daily, Foshan Publicity, China Light Network, Tencent and many other news media have responded to the first batch of 5G IoT integrated applications "Smart Light Pole" put into use in Chancheng District The report introduces its smart lighting, 5G base station, environmental monitoring, broadcasting sound column, information release, security, one-button alarm, pole tilt monitoring and other functions and features in detail.



At present, these smart light poles play the role of city information integration and security monitoring. Next, the smart light poles can achieve more functions and upgrade the smart experience of the park.


The super-beautiful People’s Park after reconstruction allows neighbours and visitors to enjoy the paradise-like beauty and the conveniences brought by smart cities in the busy city.


With the continuous advancement of 5G construction and smart cities, smart light poles have opened a door for us to smart cities, which can better improve city management capabilities and service levels in the construction of new smart cities.



Real Faith Smart Light Pole has more styles and more functions. I look forward to your attention and support.