Real Faith Lighting Smart Light Pole-Comprehensive Pole and Landscape Pole Grandly Appeared

Real Faith Lighting Smart Light Pole-Comprehensive Pole and Landscape Pole Grandly Appeared

Aug 13, 2020

In the last issue, the 11 smart light poles-road poles created by Real Faith Lighting are amazingly on the stage. Have you watched it enough? Are you looking forward to the second phase of new smart light poles? Real Faith Lighting smart light poles-integrated poles and landscape poles have a grand appearance!


Integrated Smart Light Pole (Tengfei Series)


1. Feiyang


This product is an upgraded version of Zhiyang, which increases the load-bearing capacity to meet the needs of multiple mounting tasks, with larger load-bearing light poles, and is suitable for scenes such as intersections and important transportation hub nodes.


2. Spin


The top shape is like a spinning top, which is simple and elegant. It removes the complexity and saves the simplicity. From the perspective of multi-pole integration, it is both beautiful and multi-functional.


3. Leap


Unique retro style, double cantilever design, showing a leap, adding combination function, multi-pole integration, suitable for scenes such as intersections.


The height of the integrated smart light pole is 8M to 14M. The light pole adopts the sliding card slot method to install the module equipment, integrates the functions of traffic indicator, traffic sign, smart lighting, communication base station, wireless WIFI, environmental monitoring, etc., multi-pole integration, intelligent management , Improve road quality.

Landscape Smart Light Pole (Colorful Rhyme Series)


1. Prancing



This light pole is an extended version of Zhiyue, which mainly considers the needs of the scene and the light arm. The cultural elements can be changed according to the requirements, and it is suitable for the construction of secondary roads, parks and other scenes.


2.Optimus Prime 1


Modern lampposts have the sense of black hole technology, just like the eternal light of the Milky Way.


3.Optimus Prime 2


The square-shaped lamp posts are well-arranged, making the landscape and lighting a perfect combination.


4. Avatar


The light pole shaped like a deep sea jellyfish illuminates the unknown and explores the future.


5. Huayun 1


The light pole integrates Chinese elements such as lion dance, Kung Fu, Lingnan architecture, etc., and the rich oriental cultural background highlights the highlights of the city.


6. Huayun 2


This product adds four seats on the basis of Zhiheng, which is suitable for use scenarios such as parks, bus stations, and leisure areas.


7. Rui Cai 1


The combination of excellence and wisdom, classic and modern, and the hollow pattern embellishment design make the light poles more agile, suitable for applications in park roads and other scenes.


8. Rui Cai 2


Concise appearance, double arm pole design, highlight the sense of lightness, sense of hierarchy and sense of technology, suitable for applications in park roads and other scenes.


Landscape smart light poles are 3M to 6M high and are made of aluminum and iron materials. The landscape pole series is an organic combination of smart light poles and traditional landscape poles. It is suitable for landscape places such as squares, residential areas, public green spaces, and parks.


This issue introduces 3 comprehensive poles, 8 landscape poles, together with 11 road poles from the previous issue, a total of 22 models, each with its own characteristics and brilliant, I believe there will always be one or several models that will impress you! Through the use of different arcs and lines, the product appearance is designed with great visual impact. At the same time, modern technology, sports aesthetics, humanization and other design concepts are ingeniously integrated into the product details, and then created with high-precision craftsmanship.