Real Faith Lighting 5G smart light pole shines at the "Internet +" Expo

Real Faith Lighting 5G smart light pole shines at the "Internet +" Expo

Oct 23, 2019

On October 19th, the four-day Fifth China (Guangdong) International "Internet +" Expo came to an end in Foshan Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting 800 well-known domestic and foreign companies to participate. Real Faith Lighting 5G smart light poles made their debut as the latest 5G technology exhibition project.



With the theme of "Industrial Interconnection, Digital Intelligent Manufacturing", this year's expo will focus on displaying various cutting-edge technologies and latest applications of industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing at home and abroad, so that customers who come to the exhibition will "feast their eyes."




The various cool black technology products displayed on site were overwhelming. Look! In the conspicuous position of the exhibition hall, Zhaoxin Lighting's 5G smart light poles exude their own unique charm and become a beautiful scenery of the exhibition.




At the exhibition site, the dazzling Zhaoxin smart light pole attracted many exhibitors to watch, consult, experience and feel the magic of new 5G applications.



Ms. Liang Lifen, the person in charge of Real Faith Lighting, introduced smart light poles to customers, integrating 5G micro base stations, smart street lights, video surveillance, wireless WIFI, streaming media (advertising light boxes), one-key alarms, environmental detection and other functions in one, not only responsible for smart city construction The breakthrough point, but also the important task of 5G construction.



5G is now a battleground in the global science and technology competition. As an outpost for 5G connectivity and the central nerve of the smart city to transmit information, smart light poles have become one of the priorities for everyone to promote the 5G process. Real Faith Lighting will increase its efforts to invest in the R&D and production of 5G smart light poles to help the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area build a 5G industry cluster.