Concentrate on research and development, pragmatic innovation promotes improvement

Concentrate on research and development, pragmatic innovation promotes improvement

Jun 10, 2020

Twelve years ago, he came to Real Faith Lighting and became a member of the Real Faith family full of dreams and expectations. Relying on my own preference for R&D work, I concentrate on researching technology, constantly sharpen and forge ahead, use superb technology and craftsmanship to overcome difficulties, innovate and create benefits!



He is the research and development supervisor of Real Faith Lighting Jiang Xudong


Jiang Xudong works meticulously and earnestly, works hard, dares to fight tough battles, and has outstanding technical skills. In addition to the electric light source related work of street lamp products, he is also responsible for the system development and maintenance of the company's main product smart light pole and assists in the expansion of other modules.



"Time-consuming, laborious, and unpredictable results" is the working mode of R&D, and it is also the charm of R&D. When developing the smart light pole system management platform, the technical backbone Jiang Xudong led the team for months of painstaking research, overcoming difficulties, and finally resolved key issues such as the conflicts of various module databases, and realized the interconnection of platform data.




Smart light pole projects such as Financial Park and Wenhan Lake Park carried out by the company are successful cases of applying this system management platform to maximize the value of the functions of smart light poles and lay a solid data foundation for the construction of smart cities.




It is Jiang Xudong's consistent style of obscurity, hard work, and pragmatic work. As the saying goes: the slightest loss is a thousand miles away. The difference in technology may cause tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even immeasurable losses. Therefore, he always puts the improvement of economic efficiency in the first place under the premise of safety, and has the courage to innovate and reform boldly. He has obtained more than 20 patents issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.



Jiang Xudong has established the concept of lifelong learning and improved his technical level. As a research and development backbone, he feels that it is not enough to endure hardships and full drive. He also has the ability to do a good job. He insists on doing and learning by learning. When encountering technical bottlenecks, he must find ways to break through. Unable to find out.




In addition to using his special skills to solve various problems for the company, he also unreservedly shared his experience and technology with colleagues. At technical seminars and quarterly marketing meetings, we often see technical expert Jiang Xudong as the main lecturer to train personnel in related departments such as R&D, business, operations, and production, provide professional technical guidance, and enhance the professional capabilities of the team.




Resulted from ingenuity, returned with fame. In the process of growing together with the company, Jiang Xudong won a series of honors such as the company's "Excellent Performance Award", "Excellent Employee", "Excellent Employee" of Real Faith Group, and "Creative Star" of Nanhai District for his outstanding work performance and superb skills. .



Real Faith Lighting has a large number of employees like Jiang Xudong who are "dedicated, diligent, and precise". In ordinary positions, they practice the original aspirations and dreams of Real Faith people, and work hard for the innovation, development and growth of Real Faith. Open a new chapter in development.