Build a platform for quality improvement to help enterprise development

Build a platform for quality improvement to help enterprise development

Jun 19, 2020

Recently, Real Faith Lighting have carried out a series of diversified professional trainings with diverse forms and distinctive themes. The enthusiasm of employees for learning is unprecedentedly high, and the overall quality has been significantly improved, providing strong talent support for the company's development.



We held the second quarter marketing training, summarized the business situation in the first half of the year, clarified the goals for the second half of the year, and conducted relevant business training.



The person in charge of the company Liang Lifen analyzed the business situation in the first half of the year, and the cost reduction and efficiency improvement work was implemented. The Jingdezhen project, the Guicheng bus project, and the People’s Park project were successfully completed. The smart light pole team successfully completed the phased work...



In the second half of the year, we will strive to achieve new breakthroughs in new product development, cost control, and project cooperation methods.


The theme of this training is "Concentration or Expansion". Taking the examples of BYD's rapid production of masks in seven days, live broadcast of famous anchors, and SF Express's entry into the food delivery industry, as the topic, the discussion on the spot opened up: Where is our own focus and how should we expand?



We also shared the new zero sales model being implemented by the brother unit Miyan, which ignited everyone's new thinking.



The interactive games carried out during the training made us laugh, effectively alleviating everyone's tension and work pressure.



At the end of the training, marketing director Zhang Xiaojun organized everyone to visit the newly renovated exhibition hall and watch our intelligent lighting control system and smart city control center management platform.



This marketing training is rich in content and diversified in form, allowing business personnel to have a deep understanding of the company's products, services and market conditions. As long as there is a direction for lighting, there is hope.


Recently,we have also carried out many targeted quality improvement trainings according to different departments and different positions. There are "How to do a good job in corporate crisis management", "12 Magic Weapons for Winning Sales Communication", "Quality Training", "Safety Training" and so on.


Learning is like rowing upstream. We insist on people-oriented, insist on building a quality improvement platform for employees, and strive to build a learning enterprise and an innovative enterprise to realize the common growth of employees and the company.