Experts all-together, promoting smart lighting

Experts all-together, promoting smart lighting

Oct 15, 2020

Foshan Lighting Association hold the factories visits activities by connecting smart lighting within the industry on Tuesday morning. General Manager Mrs. Liang paid warm welcome to the members at Real Faith visit.

Warm welcome to Real Faith
(GM Liang, 3rd from the left)

Live introduction of smart pole
Visiting AI showroom

Experts had been impressed by the all-around developments and achievements from Real Faith in fields of smart lighting. They had enjoyed the showroom of the strong-featured smart pole and street light, powerful city control center, intelligent-designed commercial shop, and smart control solution of home and industry.


Friendly communications

Not only showed the company history of Real Faith and business growing trend, GM Liang also communicated with experts in aspects of the smart light standards, combination between functions and practices. All parties were in the goodwill of sharing and building a better smart lighting.